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Welcome to Multicentric Technology Sdn Bhd website. Multicentric Technology is the developer of the Multicentric Information Framework, a flexible and adaptable framework for organising, managing and making sense of diverse information resources based on concepts of Information Relationship Management, Document Engineering and Declarative Applications Development.

What's New

  1. Introducing Multicentric Technology Sdn Bhd, 2012-12-19
    Watch our new Prezi Presentation introducing Multicentric Technology Sdn Bhd.
  2. Tackling wicked problems collaboratively: The MctIBIS, 2012-01-05
    A Prezi Presentation on our new product MctIBIS for tackling wicked problems based on the Issue-Based Information System. The system can be used for producing Issue and Dialogue Maps.
  3. Prezi Presentation - Managing Strategic Information, 2011-02-18
    A Prezi Presentation on Managing Strategic Information using the Multicentric Information Framework is now available.
  4. Demo site showing the latest features of the Multicentric Information Framework, 2010-05-20
    A new demo site is in beta. You can view some of the latest features of the Multicentric Information Framework on this demo website.

    Inside Malaysia is an archive of information on the Malaysian economy by following the money.

  5. MultiCentrix and MctDFS now FREE on standalone computers, 2009-06-15
    MultiCentrix and MctDFS are now free for use on the standalone computers. After you install the programs, you can register online to get your site license using the registration interface. A valid email address is required for the system to send you the site license.

    The setup files are available from the download page.

    If you want to use the client server version of MultiCentrix and MctDFS or to publish the Multicentric repository on the Web using the Multicentric Web Publish then you have to purchase the server license.

  6. Website redeveloped using the Multicentric Information Framework, 2009-05-27
    The Multicentric website has been thoroughly redesigned to present a cleaner look, improved navigation and a host of new features using the Multicentric Information Framework. Maintenance of the website is made easier with the electronic forms for the dynamic information.

    All the setup files, updates, papers, documentation and sample models are now managed by the Multicentric Document Filing System. Releasing files are now a simple matter of uploading the files into the Document Filing System and adding the metadata.

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create."

Albert Einstein

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